Chico Xavier – Stories of a Friend from Another Land

Chico Xavier – Stories of a Friend from Another Land by Umberto Fabbri reveals how much there is still to be discovered about the person who considered himself merely a cisco, a “speck.” With encouragement from friends on both sides of life, Fabbri opens his heart and shares with the reader valuable lessons of spirituality, […]

I, Immigrant

I, Immigrant explore the pains, experiences, successes, and failures of those who braved uncertainty, to create a better life, on other shores. Some of the stories presented are based on actual events, but the details are altered to preserve the character’s identities.Our purpose is to craft stories that inspire positive reflections about our values, and […]

In the Time of Jesus

“In the Time of Jesus” is an exciting story of a character who demonstrates the importance of our choices and their consequences. In simple language, the spiritual author gives us a novel that portrays the time of Jesus’ passage to our planet and his trail of love.


The story of Carl, Junior and Luciana portrays the still immature, inconsistent and selfish feelings that are part of our imperfect nature and encourage self-renewal in order to treat our pains. A fine line separates love from hatred in the hearts of spirits who are in the learning stage. Any carelessness inflicted by our insistence, […]

Sin and Punishment

From the outskirts of Paris, Jacques the peasant, departs to discover the true story behind the death of his daughter, Eliette.Swearing revenge, he leaves behind the whereabouts of his sister-in-law, Geneviève, who was responsible for Eliette’s tranfer to the French capital. Left to drink alcohol, Jacques engages in a crime that triggers a terrible crisis […]

Slaves to Hatred

How can we defend ourselves from the evil that still resides so deeply in some hearts? Does forgiveness fit in any situation? We can find these answers reflecting on the story of Sirhan – an African brutally torn from his homeland and who sees his happy childhood being destroyed by the greed of men who […]

The Dealer

A Romance expounding on the very sad reality brought by the world of illegal drugs. The Dealer is a Novel that will not go unnoticed once in the hands of a younger or older reader as well as a dependent or nondependent person. The narrative exposes without disguising the huge network of the narcotraffickers, the […]

The Executive

Does death exist? What changes when we go to the Spiritual dimension? The central character of our story, Maria Lúcia, took a long time to realize and accept her new reality, continuing her mistakes and misunderstandings despite the constant help and support of friendly relatives, who sought to awaken her from her selfish dream to […]

The Game of Life

The vice of gambling was and continues to be the object of constant studies by the most renowned researchers and scientists of human behavior. In effect, they still have not understood that the cure for any and all evil comes from inside out, from the effort that each individual must make in the contest to […]

The King

How much there is to learn in this universe of our Creator! One existence, just one fraction of a second of our immortality. Various personalities, but just one spirit, with the need to practice love and, therefore, exercise its superior potentials, the divine fraction within us, as the heirs that we are.I had a shock […]